February 5, 2009

Staging Home For Sale

Trying to sell a house, regardless if it is an investment property or someones residence for many years, creates many challenges not only to the selling agent who takes the responsibility to list and sell the property but also to the homeowners who face with all types of emotions and uncertainties like asking questions: Will somebody buy my house? How much my house will be sold for?

Homes for sale being converted as sold homes is something that no one can exactly predict when it will happen, it can be a matter of days, weeks, months or even years. With the existing market, where there is more supplies than demands, considering all the mounting inventories available in almost different parts of the US, the competition is stiff and high. Inorder for anyone trying to sell her/his property faster than his/her comparable properties, the property need to be very competitive and stands out among the comparables.

Considering comparables with the same asking prices and similar square footage, one way to help a property stand out better and have better chances of getting offers and possibly bidding war is by making the property look at its best as a product. Presenting a house for sale as a product means making it as presentable as possible, highlighting its best features and assets.

One way to highlight a house for sale is by staging it. Home staging has been widely popularized in the past few years. Although, its been existing and practiced for a long time, its only been popularly known and widely encouraged in recent years to all those who try to sell their house or properties. Staging a home is dressing up the house to highlights its best features and assets and minimize its flaw and make the negatives forgetable or unnoticable.

Each house for sale have different characteristic and current state that it is almost impossible to know how much it will cost to stage a house. Home staging can cost from zero (0) to thousands of dollars, depending on what changes you want to make in the interior design. Simple decluttering and depersonalizing of the house by removing unnecessary and distracting decors and other items that will not help make a sale, removing family photos and personalized items, or re-arranging furnitures are some ways to stage a house without spending a lot of money but will help make your house more presentable and sellable.

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