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May 1, 2008

Before Upgrading The Bedroom Windows

After a visit in the city hall to inquire regarding changing the outdoor sidings, we also find out that replacing bedroom windows in our area now requires a permit and/or detailed scaled plan also not just the exterior sidings. Permit and scaled drawing is required regardless if it is the same window dimensions, smaller window, or bigger windows to ensure that the new code is meet. The code requires that for fire safety and having working emergency exit there should be a open space of atleast 5 square feet and a certain minimum measurement is also required from finished floor to the bottom of the window edge for easy escape route incase of any fire or emergency.

So trying to upgrade the same size window in the bedroom is now more expense than before because if the current code is not meet, then the new windows needs to be adjusted and positioned properly inorder to meet the required code. Adjusting the position and height of the window may mean tearing up the sheet rack wallings, or re-framing the whole 2x4 frame boards, and possibly moving moving the header board to accomodate the new code.

There is definitely good and bad side to this new code. On the good side, having safety measures is definitely ideal for most household because no one may never know when they need an escape route or emergency exit. But on the bad side, if you just want to upgrade your bedroom windows from single pane to dual pane or more energy efficient windows inorder to save electricity bill then the new code in replacing bedroom windows in some areas or cities will turn out to be more costly than before because as mentioned earlier, doing so may mean tearing interior walls and re-framing, so more cost of materials and cost of labor will be added to the total expense.

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