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March 29, 2008

Buying Bank Owned Properties

For the past few years, there were a lot of properties in the United States that ended up in default and/or foreclosures. Some properties in default were thankfully been saved by homeowners, while other properties ended up in the hands of the lenders. Properties that were not recovered by the homeowners usually ended up being owned by the lenders, and most lenders are banks. So when you are planning to purchase a once foreclosed property, you probably ended up buying such property from a bank, as the seller.

Nowadays, you heard it all over the radio and telivision regarding properties that were foreclosed, but finding all these properties to purchase is not always easy as it sounds. Because although there are a lot of available properties that are owned by the banks that are ready for sale, dealing with the bank to buy a property is not always the easiest process. For one, banks are not in the business to sell properties that is why they usually cannot accomodate all interested buyers right away. Some banks may have designated realtor that they hired to take care of all the sales of properties that they acquired via foreclosures, but probably not all banks have immediate real estate agent that you can approach regarding their properties for sale. So having access to this properties may not always be a breeze as anyone thought and imagine! Even if some banks do want to get rid of their acquired properties, it is still difficult for some buyers to check out these properties specially if some of these properties are not being listed in the MLS.

And if you get lucky that you find a property you are interested to buy from a bank even if it is not listed by a real estate agent, many still find it hard to purchase such property due to the fact that many banks are busy doing banking and could not accomodate customers right away who are trying to purchase any of their properties. The hardest time for most real etstate buyers is the waiting time specially that for many people, time is gold, and not knowing when a bank is gonna reply on a purchase interest is definitely a buyers nightmare! Although there are lenders/banks that are highly motivated and may answer to any purchase interest in a matter of few days, some buyers may not be so lucky if they ended have to wait for few weeks.

No situation is ever the same, so definitely buying a property from a bank or a lender is a case to case basis when it comes to determining if it is easier process or more complicated process. One of the easiest way to find properties for sale is definitely properties that are being on MLS and online.

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November 28, 2007

Foreclosures still continues

This year 2007 has been a terrible year for a lot of homeowners who have no choice but to have their homes go into foreclosures. This is not an easy situation for anyone to handle, to have a home go into foreclosure, or worse go into auction. One of the many possible reason why a home ended up in foreclosure is the flactuating interest rate of a homeowners mortgage loan. If a homeowner availed a variable rate loan when they bought their house, this rate would either go up or go down, in other words, the monthly house payments could also either go up and down as well. And the years 2006-2007, the interest rates have been going up and up most of the time, and a lot of the homeowners who bought houses using variable rates loan are largely affected by these flactuating rates. And with the climbing interest rates, monthly payments are going higher and some couldnt possibly afford the monthly payment changes, that affects their capability to pay on time and pay the above minimum of what is due per month. And most lenders, after few months of deliquency in paying the mortgage loan will result in home foreclosures.

The year 2006-2007 have been a record breaking numbers of homes in foreclosure, and prices of homes for sale are dropping as well. This situation generally means that there are a lot of housing inventories in the market. More housing inventories than what is in demand, meaning more inventories than buyers, results in price drop of houses, which is not good in the part of the sellers. This is also what is commonly called a Buyers Market, where individuals or investors who would like to buy a house can possibly get a house cheaper than what a house was previously priced or assessed.

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