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June 28, 2008

Flooring Choices

When it comes to updating or changing the floor, there are so many choices out there. Among the popular ones are hardwood floor, laminate flooring, natural rocks, tiles, carpet, vinyl, etc. Deciding which one to choose is a major challenge for a house flipper or designer. One main factor that may largely affect someones decision when it comes to flooring is the time and budget to renovate the floor.
Real hardwood floors are normally more expensive but definitely more desirable compare to wood laminate flooring. But both hardwood and laminate flooring will definitely make a nice upgrade and finish if installed and done right. Carpet flooring are widely desireable in areas like the bedrooms and family room, where people usually want to walk bare foot, but definitely wont work the best in bathrooms nor kitchen where they are normally wet areas. Deciding the right color of carpet is not an easy task specially that there are tons of choices out there and aside from color choices, there are also several different materials and textures that needs to be considered. The type and quality of carpet you choose will definitely affect your budget depends on the price point. Tiles and natural stones are great alternative, although they may be more complicated to install than other type of flooring but easier to maintain and clean. For wet areas like bathrooms and kitchen, ceramin tiles and natural stones are usually most prefered. Vinyl sidings are usually the most affordable but if you wish to speak quality and elegance to your potential home buyers, vinyl sidings might not be the best choice for this purpose. Like ceramic tiles, vinyl sidings are easy to clean and maintain.

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