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August 3, 2008

Test Paint Before You Paint

We recently bought a costumized colored paint for used in kitchen and bath. Before we made the purchased, we checked how the paint swatch will work with the existing wall and floor tiles in the bathroom by putting the swatch next to a tile piece, it was perfect combo, so we thought. The color swatch was a nice shade of green that went really well with the tile, which is an exact match of the existing tiles in the bathroom. We decided not to buy a paint test sample by the quart to test the color we choosed, basically just went with how they went together visually, side by side in pieces. When we got the customized paint ordered, the color matched perfectly with the paint swatch, so we painted the bathroom wall with it. After the painting was done, the green paint in the wall looked very yellowish as the natural sunlight goes through the window. The existing lighting of the bathroom didnt help either, the painted wall definitely didnt look the same as the color we ordered because the lighting of the bathroom changed the shade of the green into yellowish.

Lesson learned, it is always a good idea to buy a quart of paint with the desired color before purchasing by the gallons, specially if you are planning to purchase five (5) gallons or more. By running a sample painting, not only will it save you money when it wont turn out as expected, but save you lots of time and effort as well. With all the effort and time it took to paint and had to change to another color after that definitely consumed a lot of time and sweat and the remaining unwanted paint will be unusable and usually cannot be returned because most stores do not allow special orders or customized paint colors to be returned.

So if you are planning to refresh a room or two by painting the walls, it might not hurt to run a test painting in the same wall first where you are planning to paint to make sure that the paint color you choose will still look as you expect with the electrical lighting and the natural sunlight that goes through the room. Best yet, check the test paint at different times of day to make sure that the new paint color you choose work well both day and night!

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