November 21, 2008

Crown Molding And Ceiling Vents

Crown molding are highly desireable these days, they make a room more finished and classic. For new home constructions, crown molding placement may already be a part of the plan and may pose no conflict with the location of the air vents. But for older homes, that were originally built with no crown molding, and crown molding was not a consideration in the past, the location of the vents placed in the ceilings may sometimes interefere with the placement of the new crown moldings. Having ceiling vents placed way too close to the edge of ceiling, just an inch or two near the walls, may complicate the idea of adding a crown molding. If you are serious about adding crown molding to a room with vents placed too close to the edge of the ceilings, these vents may need to be moved inorder to give clearance to the crown moldings. But moving the air vents may not sound as easy at it look because hidden above the attic, on the other side of the ceiling vents, are huge ducting system attached to these vents that will make vents moving a complicated process, specially when you need to move the vents some feet away, in different part of the ceiling.

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