October 15, 2008

Mini Blinds For Privacy

The new windows that we installed looks great. We installed double-paned with grid vinyl windows, and its an high energy efficient design.

But there are times, no matter how nice the view is outside, there instances that we need privacy specially in the evening, when it is dark outside and we have the lights on. To resolve the issue of privacy with the glass windows, we decided to install room-darkening mini blinds. Room darkening mini-blinds is great for being out of the way in the morning, and serves its purpose in the evening or at anytime when needed.

The good thing about mini-blinds is that they are very flexible, you can collapse it, adjust the angle of the blinds for light and view control, and if the mini-blinds are installed within the framing of the window, it can also work together with curtains!

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Mini blinds said...

Mini blinds look just like real wood blinds with the additional benefit of being fully washable at a fraction of the cost.

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