September 27, 2008

Getting A Permit For Room Addition

We needed to have a laundry room and a master closet added to a house but doing so requires building permit here in CA. So we could not proceed with the project without having the permit approved and ready for actual implementation. To get the project up and running, we needed the permit, first by having the application submitted and have it approved by the building department of the city hall.

Getting the building permit in itself was a lot work. We were required to submit scaled drawing of different plans. There were all types of technical drawings that were required together with the permit application including plot pan, foundation plan, structural plan, roof plan, floor plan, electrical plan, and more. It was definitely a challege and loads of work for me because I had to prepare all the drawings myself.

In the end, it was a relief to have the permit finally approved after second visit to the city hall. It took two (2) visits because there were additional drawings that were requested the first time. And CA laws requires Title 24 report for the particular permit that we were seeking.

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